Asspixel verified

IP: wss://


Bedwars and minigames server with shops! This is a hypixel like server! Play today!

Laggy Tho

lets go

idk it keep not letting me move andis annoying

server is down homie

Whats the password

its awsome, but it is also offline :(

I recommend this server. 👍


claims i said nword but ive never done that

bruh same pls fix

same bro wtf

i got ip banned for no reason wth

primcraft lol they tryna steal you

Help i forgot my pass how to recove r

how do i join the server????

i forgot my password how do i change/reset it

sounds legit burnt toast

can you fix it I can't move when I play

add sky wars and teem upgrades in bedwars

pls help me this doesn't work


Very nice updates and UI is nice too

So GoOd HoNeStLy, RaThEr PlAy ThIs ThEn HyPiXel. - 100% not the server owner